Name  CSTARS Education Current Position Contact
Asmundson, Nancy Program Administrator B.S. Liberal Studies, Excelsior College, Albany, NY Admissions & Records Manager, The Principled Academy, San Leandro, CA
Barton, Stephen Technical Staff
Brower, Paul Junior Specialist B.S. Environmental Science and Management
Brown, Mary M Program Administrator M.S. Biology Staff, Dept. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Davis
Cariadi-Kimbler, Roxanne Junior Specialist    GIS Specialist
Castenada, Claudia Marcella Staff Researcher M.A. Oxford, England Database Administrator, Global Science & Technology, Inc., Greenbelt, MD 20770
Hart, Quinn Digital Media Manager   Digital Media Manager, UCD Library  
Haxo, Robert S. Computer Systems Administrator   Computer Systems Engineer, SGI Systems International  
Kefauver, John Staff Researcher  B.A. Community Regional & Environmental Studies; M.S., UC Santa Barbara Cisco Systems, Mountain View, CA  
Lay, Van Teaching Credential & Funding & Resource Specialist, CalSpace B.S. Food Science & Technology, UC Davis Science Instructor
Manaker, Holli CalSpace Program Administrator; Webmaster B.F.A. Graphic Design Graphic Designer
McIllavine, Richard CalSpace & WESTGEC Program Administrator; Webmaster   Retired
Merz, Justin Programmer in the Digital Media program,   UCD Library  
Noujdina, Nina GIS Analyst M.S. Physics, University Moscow, Russia 1989; M.A. Geography UC Davis Marine & Environmental Biology Department at USC
Olmstead, Karen GIS Analyst M.S. Geography, UC Davis GIS Analyst, USDA, Sacramento, CA
Preston, Chris Junior Specialist B.S. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, UC Santa Barbera
Reed, Ed IT support Yale University    
Robert A. Woodward C Field & Data Analyst Assistant      
  Windows Systems Administrator      
Rousseau, Robert Technical Support & Lab Assistant   Retired  
Scheer, George IT Program  

John Muir Institute and the Watershed
Shapiro, Kristen Programmer B.S. Environmental Science and Management, 2013. University of California, Davis.

Dept. Environmental Science & Policy 


Shen, Jasmine Junior Specialist B.S. Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, UC Davis Fish Technician, Cramer Fish Sciences, West Sacramento,CA
Stephens, Roger Junior Specialist B.S. Environmental Science, Humboldt State University
Szeto, Lai-Han Lab Technician  B.S. Remote Sensing (individualized major), UC Davis  Principal Engineer, ZCubed Inc.
Trombetti, Marco GIS/RS Analyst B.S. Forestry; M.S. Geo-Information Science; Ph.D.    
VanBetham, Pia   Program Coordinator UCD Environmentors program
Yi, Jian Assistant (CalSpace)   Contracts & Grants Analyst