Schladow, Geoff


Geoff Schladow


Ph.D. 1986, University of W. Australia

Research Interests

Professor Schladow's area of interest is the interaction between fluid transport and mixing processes with water quality in natural and engineered systems.  Examples of such systems include lakes, rivers, estuaries, and mining pits. Using a combination of field experimentation, detailed laboratory studies and numerical modeling, he is better quantifying the critical flux paths in these systems. The results of this work will lead to improved methods of managing and controlling our water resources. 

Recent Past Projects

  • Salton Sea Eutrophication Model
  • Remote Sensing at Lake Tahoe
  • Guidance Manual on Minimizing MTBE and Other Fuel-Related Contaminants in Lakes and Reservoirs
  • Tahoe Particle and Modeling Study
  • McCormack-Williamson Tract Restoration Planning, Design and Monitoring Program
  • Hydrodynamics and oxygen modeling of the Stockton Deep Water Ship Channel

Selected Publications

Rueda, F.J., Schladow, S.G. Monismith, S.G. and Stacey, M.T. (2003) The internal dynamics of a large polymictic lake. Part I: field experiments. ASCE J. Hydraulic Engineering, 129(2), 82-91.

Warner, J. C., Schoellhamer, D. H. and Schladow, S. G. (2003). Tidal truncation and barotropic convergence in a channel network tidally driven from opposing entrances. Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science Vol 56, Issue 3-4, pp 629-639

Rueda, F.J., Schladow, S.G. and Palmarsson, S.O. (2003). Basin-scale internal wave dynamics during a winter cooling period in a large lake. J. Geophysical Research 108 (C3), 3097.

Schladow, S. G., J. P. Losada, F. J. Rueda, S. Palmarsson and S. J. Hook.  Numerical Models for Lake Tahoe: Science, Management and Information Transfer.  M.E. Grismer, M.P. Hogan and H. Segale (eds.), Using Science as a Tool in Restoration and Water Quality Management in the Tahoe Basin. Lake Tahoe (LTEEC) Higher Education and Research Symposium, Kings Beach, CA, May 13-14, 2002.

Schladow, S. G., Lee, M. H., Hurzeler, B and Kelley, P. (2002)  Oxygen transfer across the air-water interface due to natural convection in lakes.  Limnology and Oceanography , 47(5), 139401404.

Barad, M.F., Schladow, S.G., Warner, J.C. and Schoellhamer, D.H.  (2001). CISNet San Pablo Bay network of environmental stress indicators: the CISNet hydrodynamic database.  State of the Estuary Conference 2001.

Hammersmark, C. Schladow, S. G., Fleenor, W. E. and Blake, S. H. (2001).  Modeling Tidal and Flood Pulse Inundation for Restoration on the McCormack-Williamson Tract.  State of the Estuary Conference 2001.

McCord, S. A., Schladow, S. G. and Miller, T. G. (2000) Modeling Artificial Aeration Kinetics in Ice Covered Lakes . J Environ Eng-ASCE 126: (1) 21-31 Jan. 2000.

Hamilton, D. P. and Schladow, S.G. (1996). Prediction of Water Quality in Lakes and Reservoirs. Part I - Model Description. Ecological Modeling 96, pp. 91-110.

Schladow, S.G.  and Hamilton, D.P. (1996). Prediction of Water Quality in Lakes and Reservoirs. Part II - Application to Prospect Reservoir. Ecological Modeling 96, pp. 111-123.

Contact Information 

Civil & Environmental Engineering
3111 Engineering III
(530) 752-6932
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