Pia van Benthem



Pia van Benthem is managing various education and outreach programs within the John Muir Institute of the Environment. Her expertise is in STEM education and engineering with a focus on earth sciences.

Her current work focuses on:

  • Coordinating AggieMentors, the California chapter of EnvironMentors, a college-access program guiding underrepresented youth towards successes higher education.
  • Coordinating CaliforniaView, the California chapter of the nationwide consortium on remote sensing education, outreach and geospatial applications.
  • Managing the NASA California Spacegrant Consortium, a program providing fellowship support to University students via hands-on learning projects.
  • Managing the UC Davis Alliance for System Safety of UAS Research Excellence (ASSURE) program. 
  • Educating the public on the land cover and land type features of the State of California demonstrated via a 3-D topographic map out of LEGO pieces.

Past projects:

  • Developing and implementing K-12 Grade Education Programs and lesson plans 
  • Hosting an annual remote sensing training workshops for educators and students of the annual regional Science Olympiad
  • Development of the 'Sierra to the Sea' interactive website
  • Website development 
  • Conference Organization e.g. Ocean, Atmosphere, Sea, Ice, Snowpack (OASIS), AmericaView.
  • Project Manager of the UC Irrigation Water Management web-based research information center (IrRIC)
  • Department of Land, Air and Water (LAWR) Resources Newsletter 


Dipl.-Ing./MS, Packing Technology Engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart, Germany

BS, Education, Fachhochschule der Diakonie Anstalten, Bad Kreuznach, Germany



Pia van Benthem

116 The Barn

95616 Davis, CA

Email: pvanbenthem@ucdavis.edu