Shapiro, Kristen



Kristen Shapiro is a GIS Programmer with expertise in processing, analyzing, and displaying geospatial

data. Her research interests include the use of remote imagery to monitor forest ecosystems and
finding new and interesting ways to manipulate big data.


B.S. Environmental Science and Management, 2013. University of California, Davis..

Research Interests

The use of remote imagery to monitor forest ecosystems and finding new and interesting ways to manipulate big data.




  • G-Developing new crop coefficient for salt-affected pistachio orchards to maximize irrigation efficiency
  • Using of hyperspectral imagery and ground data to assess the impact of land management on forest
    resilience during the most recent California drought

  • -Creation of video training tutorials detailing different geospatial tools and analysis
  • -Using NAIP imagery to update vegetation mapping surveys in Napa County
  • -Mapping invasive plant species in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and using hypspectral imagery to
    analyze the effectiveness of chemical controls in trying to stop the spread of such species


Recent Past Projects 

  • Implemented geospatial tool that crosswalked California parcel data from each county into a
    standardized format for the whole state.

  • Conducted study on oil impacts

  • from the BP oil spill in three different wetland ecosystems using
    hyperspectral imagery


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Contact Information

Kristen Shapiro
Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing (CSTARS)
Dept. Land, Air, and Water Resources,
University of California
501 Engineering Bikeway
Davis, CA 95616 

Selected Publications