Chen, Shu-Hua


     Shu-Hua Chen

           Shu-Hua Chen is an Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Assistant Meteorologist at the University of California Davis, Davis, CA.


Ph.D. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences - Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
B.S. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences - Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
B.S. Atmospheric Sciences - National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


Research Interests

Regional climate, air pollution, model development, severe weather, cumulus parameterization, data assimilation and numerical schemes.

Selected Publications

1. Chen, S.-H. 1999. The application of the multigrid method in a nonhydrostaticatmospheric model. 10 pp.

 2. Chen, S-H. 2002. A one-dimensional time dependent cloud model. Journal of theMeteorological Society of Japan, Vol. 80(1):99-118.

 3. Chen, S.-H., and W.-Y. Sun. 2001. The applications of the Multigrid method and aflexible hybrid coordinate in a nonhydrostatic model. Mon. Wea. Rev. 129:26602676.

 4. Chen, S.-H., F. Vandenberghe, G.W. Petty, and J.F. Bresch. Application of SSM/Isatellite data to a hurricane simulation. Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. In press.

 5. Chen, S.-H., and Y.-L. Lin. 2003. Orographic effects on a conditionally unstable flowover an idealized three-dimentional mesoscale mountain. Meteor. Atmos. Sci. Inpress.

 6. Hong, S.-Y., J. Dudhia, and S.-H. Chen. A new ice-microphysical process for acommonly used bulk parameterization of cloud and precipitation. Mon. Wea. Rev. Inpress. 



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